Great Outdoors: P Street

22 02 2013

Georgetown has its share of impressive urban garden backyards, but this one on P Street NW really stands out! The large walled garden and brick traces surround a nice size pool with plenty of space to entertain. In addition to all the landscaping and flowers, there is also some type of blobular art sculpture and a gong, which just had to be expensive.

More pictures after the jump, including the aforementioned gong…

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The Interior: 200 Eye Street SE

22 02 2013

How about a peek into the adaptive reuse project at 200 Eye Street? The old windowless newspaper printing facility has gone through a massive renovation into a thoroughly new and modern space. The space has been fitted out for the use of multiple DC governmental agencies and from the look of things, they have some great very non-government looking modern space.

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Floorgasm: Dupont Mansion

20 02 2013

It’s not often you see the combination of two large townhouses lately, but this historic renovation in Dupont did just that resulting in 12,000 sq-ft, 4000 of which the realtors term “grand entertaining space” and to top it all off, a 1000 sq foot Master Suite.

However it seems the realtors just can’t make up their minds as they also are characterizing the sale as a potential for Office Suites. Regardless of who buys and what they do with it, they will end up with 7 bedrooms/offices, all with luxury en-suite full bathrooms and fireplaces. Not too shabby for just smidgen under $10 million! (Click floor plan for a larger view)

State Department Expansion

18 02 2013

The old Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery site has been a prime target for future development since it was closed down and the Navy moved out as a result of BRAC, and now there are plans underway to develop the campus into an expansion of the sites neighbor to the east, the Department of State.

State has a lot of office space in addition to the Foggy Bottom location throughout DC and VA and such a large site right next to the State headquarters building makes sense, however it will be interesting to see how the plans incorporates many of the smaller historic older buildings on the 11 acre site and create enough space to meet the need for hundreds of thousands of square feet for Department of State offices.

A Shiny New City Center

5 02 2013

As construction continues at the massive City Center development on the site of the old Convention Center downtown, the impact on the street-scape is starting to become apparent, and from the look of some of the structures, it sure is looking shiny!

Mostly from the exterior blocks, it isn’t going to look much different from many other areas of downtown, the real game changer is going to be the interior pedestrian plaza, which will feature lots of outdoor furniture and park like features to create a sense of central square (see below).

[Photo: Phaesia]

Rendering: Chuck Brown Park

11 01 2013

After months of competition, the District has selected the winning design for the new proposed Chuck Brown “father of go-go” Park. The plan for the million dollar development, targeted for completion by this coming summer, is by Marshall Moya Design and centers around a pretty iconic looking wood and steel band stand with a cheery blossom colored interior.

Plans also include more permanent interactive park features like outdoor musical instruments and memorial type information about the life of Chuck Brown and Go-Go culture in general. What do you think of the design?

[Rendering: Marshall Moya Design]

SW Ecodistrict Plan Accepted

10 01 2013

At its monthly meeting today the National Capital Planning Commission finally accepted the SW Ecodistrict Plan that we first got a peek at last summer. The plan proposes to transform the 15-block area just south of the National Mall into a highly sustainable, walkable neighborhood and workplace that connects the National Mall with Washington’s southwest waterfront.

What this really means is that there is now a comprehensive plan that will be used by the NCPC when evaluating and making recommendations for all new development proposals in this area, including the often talked about development over 395 to further connect this area to the waterfront and all the new development that will be going on there over the next few years.

Rendering: Huntington Mixed-Use Development

9 01 2013

Check out this rendering of a new mixed use, transit oriented project being developed by MRP and AEW as a joint venture right across from the Huntington Metro Station in Alexandria. The six-acre development is designed by SK&I Architects and will include 360 LEED-certified apartments, an 110,000-square-foot hotel and a 260,000 square foot office building.

Construction is planned to start later this year. [Rendering: SK&I]

Inauguration Construction

3 01 2013

It is that time again.. the once every four years in January when the city prepares for the big inauguration celebrations, and this year all the pomp and circumstance and grand balls will be bigger than ever. Of course the President, who this is all for, needs somewhere to view the parade from and the viewing stand right in front of the White House is under construction to provide just that!

[Photo: Elvert Barnes]

Inauguration Construction 1913

3 01 2013

Inauguration construction has been going on all over town in preparation for January 21st. It’s a tradition that’s been happening in our fair city for over a hundred years, with very few changes. Though there have been some changes over the years, back in 1913 the stands were built on the East side of the Capitol, oh and they used horses!

[Photo: Library of Congress]

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2 01 2013

Georgetown – Jack’s Boathouse space, which found out their lease will not be renewed will be open to bidders. [Housing Complex]

Near Southeast – D.C. unveils renderings for new South Capitol Street Bridge with a big traffic circle (oval?). [ DCist]

Chevy Chase – Building construction to begin after 22 year delay. [Curbed]

[Rendering of South Capital Street Bridge Entrance]

The Yards: Slightly Behind Track?

21 12 2012

If you have been anywhere around SE near the Yards development you have probably seen these signs (pictured below) announcing the opening of two of the most anticipated adaptive reuse projects in the city. The WWI era Boilermaker Shops and the Lumber Shed have been under construction for a while with a slew of announced retailers and restaurants that should get anyone excited, and even though the opening of the Boilermaker Shops is getting close, clearly by the look of the build out (other than the dry cleaner), it ain’t happening in 2012 like the sign says.

However have no fear because come the Spring most of the Boilermaker shops will be open for business including the Bluejacket brewery from the folks behind Churchkey/Birch and Barley who are targeting March 2013.

The Lumber Shed (pictured below) is definitely on track for 2013, and once the weather starts to get warmer again, this area is going to have a lot more going for it beyond just being a destination near the Ballpark!

[Photos: DCMetrocentric]

Under Construction: Skyhouse

21 12 2012

The last few months have seen a ton of progress down at Waterfront Station’s Skyhouse redevelopment and you can now see how all the new window placements along the right side of the building are going to look compared to the old brutalist structure it replaces. Both the East phase (pictured) and the West are on track for an early 2014 opening.

[Photo: DCMetrocentric]

Demolition: Old Transfer Station

20 12 2012

Nothing like some good old demolition and heavy machinery to get us excited! These great shots of the old trash transfer station in Southeast show how very close this plot of land is to the Capitol, so it makes sense the site will be put to a more high density use in the future, most likely planned apartments as well as a mixed income development.

It might have been cool if they could have saved the old smokestack in some capacity, but adaptive reuse of the structure was not in the cards for this building in a neighborhood that only a few years ago was unrecognizable from all the old that has made way for the new.

[Photos: Tony DeFilippo]

Floorgasm: 2700 Virginia Ave

20 12 2012

Some of the best most drool worthy floor plans in condo buildings are the result of combining multiple units that were not part of the original design, and often times all that extra square footage leads to some very interesting layouts. Check out this $2.75 million listed unit. You may notice that half the unit is only accessible by walking through the master bedroom (click for a larger view), and from the look of the listing photos, this “three bedroom” is really just one with a gym, office, and media room!

Of course the unit has some ridiculous views too!